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Grand risings to you all. I am Brother Knowledge from the Midwest. comes from a vision I had three years ago. I was in a leadership class called ILI ( Integrity Leadership Institute) and has just finished my True Dads class earlier thatv year. I wanted to start a movement that would reach other men to become that we are supposed to be for our women and children. I never wanted see a child without The Father in the home or in their life for that matter. I grew up without mines being their and it affected me dramatically. I also saw a trend in my community in the world period and I wanted to do something to make that change. So I became the change I decided to see.

One evening I was interceding in Prayer and I saw a Eye, Tree, and the Moon so wrote everything down and prayed on It and it came to me what it all meant. The Eye is The Most High watch over you at all times, The Tree is the tree of Life, and the Moon is the change I saw once I got baptized in the river on a camping trip. Before I went The Moon was full and white, but when I came up it was a reddish orange full moon. Since then I have been seeking out my purpose. Contact 918-537-1919. The type of products I am selling are hats, shirts, masks, and head wraps. It’s in the works right now.